Here you can find a list of completed compositions! To inquire about the purchase of full scores and parts, please use my contact page.

Chamber Music

Helix - oboe and trumpet, 6 minutes (2021)

Transition of Power - string quartet, 17 minutes (2020)

Piccolo piccolo Piccolo piccolo piccolo piccolo Piccolo piccolo - piccolo, piccolo trumpet, piccolo tuba (flugelhorn,) piccolo ukulele (double soprano ukulele,) piccolo (pickle-o?) pickle-generated electronics, and fixed visual media, 4 minutes (2020.) Written in collaboration with Connor Johnson.

defender of blackbirds - latency duet for two flutes, 4 minutes (2020). Written for Deuxplex ensemble.

The New Cathedral - latency canon for soprano, C trumpet, and string bass, 8 minutes (2020.) Text by Thomas Ang.

Quiddities - violin, viola, cello, and bass, utilizing video chat platforms, 11 minutes (2020)

Poetry in White - flute and string quartet, 8 minutes (2020)

Quartet for the Beginning of Time - four players at one piano, 3 minutes (2019)

HIGH TIDE - clarinet, cello, and piano, 7 minutes (2019)

Down-Low Peacock - flute and bassoon, 3 minutes (2019)

Margaretenstraße - percussion duo, 3 minutes (2019)

Train Ride - violin, cello, and piano, 4 minutes (2019)

Five Miniatures - flute, bassoon, and piano, 10 minutes (2019)

Crystalline - piccolo, flute, alto flute, bass flute, celesta, crotales, and vibraphone, 5 minutes (2019)

Suksma - alto flute, clarinet, timpani, and Balinese Gamelan Angklung (2018)

The Brass Ratio - Tuba, left-hand piano, and digital metronome, 4 minutes (2018)

On that dear Frame the Years had worn - flute (d. piccolo and alto flute,) clarinet, bassoon, horn in F, violin (d. viola,) harpsichord, soprano voice, SATB vocal quartet (preferably made up of the instrumentalists,) 24 minutes (2018.) Texts selected from the nature poetry of Emily Dickinson.

Three Pieces for Two Instruments - flute and cello, 9 minutes (2017)

Melodi - violin and piano, 3 minutes (2016)

The Thing Behind the Screen - flute, violin, cello, piano, vibraphone, cymbals, and cowbell, 6 minutes (2016.) Written for the short film Glass Bottle, produced by Paper Cities Entertainment.

What Dreams May Come - flute, cello, and piano, 5 minutes (2015)

Statuesque - soprano and alto voices and piano, 4 minutes (2014.) Composed for Jill Bryant. Text by Bailey Nelson.

The Thistles - flute choir, 14 minutes (2014)

Vulture Eye - flute, alto sax, euphonium, string bass, tubular bells, marimba, and bass drum (2013)

Achterhuis - flute, two cellos, and piano, 5 minutes (2012)

Canonical - mirror canon for two flutes, 3 minutes (2010)


Indigo - clarinet, 3 minutes (2021)

If I Had But Two Little Wings - mezzo-soprano, 3 minutes (2021)

Blue Stones - solo bass, 6 minutes (2020)

Vector - flute (doubling piccolo and alto flute) with loop pedal, fixed media, and spoken word, 7 minutes (2020.) Poetry by Johnny Whitfield.

Détente - solo viola and spoken word (one player,) 3-5 minutes (2020.) Poetry by Johnny Whitfield.

Advanced String Theory - solo tuba, 5 minutes (2020)

Silence (interrupted) - solo trombone, 4 minutes (2020)

when the wind comes... - solo flute, 3 minutes (2020)

Preposition Suite - solo oboe, 13 minutes (2020)

praz/nota - solo viola, 4 minutes (2020)

Rila - solo viola, 7 minutes (2020)

fl.lex - solo flute, 8 minutes (2020)

Zehenspitzen Tanzen - solo violin, 6 minutes (2019)

Goldener Berg - prepared harpsichord, 5 minutes (2019)

Lieder für dein Zweites Semester - 12 songs for soprano (or tenor) voice with piano, 26 minutes (2019.) Texts by Alexa Letourneau.

Kalya - solo horn in F, 4 minutes (2019)

You Sound Like You Know... - solo flute, 3 minutes (2019)

Dance of the Fae - aleatoric solo flute, 7 minutes (approx.) (2018)

Trombone Concerto No. 1: Under Star-Dark Seas - solo trombone with string quartet, 19 minutes (2018)

Coming Out, Reflections on Life in the Closet - 16 miniatures for solo baritone voice, 15 minutes (2018.) Texts by anonymous members of Illinois Wesleyan Pride Alliance. 

Whispering Forests - solo flute with optional doubling on alto flute, 7 minutes (2016)

Murmurs - solo flute, 4 minutes (2015)

Large Ensemble Works

Masque of the Red Death - radio play (two pianos, flute, jazz trio, and synthesizer,) 10 minutes (2020.) Script and voices by Alexa Letourneau, Xinrui Huang, Jacob Patrone, and Jingwei Zhang. Foley by Alexa Letourneau and Jacob Patrone.

The Ticking Stops - opera, eight singers (two sopranos, three mezzos OR two mezzos and one countertenor, one contralto, one tenor, and one baritone) with chamber orchestra, in progress. Libretto by Johnny Whitfield.

Requiem - large choir, 45 minutes (Introit and Sanctus: 2019, Kyrie: 2020, five movements in progress.) Texts taken from the requiem mass and the poetry of Johnny Whitfield. Written in memory of John Letourneau.

Echoes - choir or vocal octet, 4 minutes (2018.) Text by Johnny Whitfield.

Aces Abound - orchestra and slam poetry, 8 minutes (2018.) Poetry written by anonymous members of Illinois Wesleyan Lyrical Graffiti.

The Thistle and the Briar Rose - full orchestra, 9 minutes (2017)

Toska, A Memoir - wind ensemble, 10 minutes (2016)