Here you can find all compositions which include electronics (both live and fixed)!

To download scores, please visit the link of the piece in question.

Chamber Music

i, they - soprano, flute, bass clarinet, viola, cello, and electronics, 8 minutes (2024). Commissioned by the Playground Ensemble.

Jersey City 5:05am - four alto flutes and electronics, 9 minutes (2023)

Mesmerism - F horn, trombone, two string basses, and fixed electronics, 6 minutes (2021)

Piccolo piccolo Piccolo piccolo piccolo piccolo Piccolo piccolo - piccolo, piccolo trumpet, piccolo tuba (flugelhorn,) piccolo ukulele (double soprano ukulele,) piccolo (pickle-o?) pickle-generated electronics, and fixed visual media, 4 minutes (2020.) Written in collaboration with Connor Johnson.

defender of blackbirds - latency duet for two flutes, 4 minutes (2020). Written for Deuxplex ensemble.

The New Cathedral - latency canon for soprano, C trumpet or alto saxophone, and string bass, 8 minutes (2020.) Text by Thomas Ang.

Quiddities - violin, viola, cello, and bass, utilizing video chat platforms, 11 minutes (2020)


each day, every day - speaking alto flute with electronics, 7 minutes (2024)

Large Scale Works

Masque of the Red Death - radio play (two pianos, flute, jazz trio, and synthesizer,) 10 minutes (2020.) Script and voices by Alexa Letourneau, Xinrui Huang, Jacob Patrone, and Jingwei Zhang. Foley by Alexa Letourneau and Jacob Patrone.

The Ticking Stops - opera, eight singers (two sopranos, three mezzos OR two mezzos and one countertenor, one contralto, one tenor, and one baritone) with chamber orchestra, in progress. Libretto by Johnny Whitfield.