Here you can find all compositions which include voice!

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Chamber Music

i, they - soprano, flute, bass clarinet, viola, cello, and electronics, 8 minutes (2024). Commissioned by the Playground Ensemble.

A Short Lesson in Poetic Form - soprano and Bb trumpet, 1 minute (2023)

The Things I Want to Tell You - soprano, cello, and percussion (vibraphone and frame drum) (2023)

The New Cathedral - latency canon for soprano, C trumpet or alto saxophone, and string bass, 8 minutes (2020.) Text by Thomas Ang.

On that dear Frame the Years had worn - flute (d. piccolo and alto flute,) clarinet, bassoon, horn in F, violin (d. viola,) harpsichord, soprano voice, SATB vocal quartet (preferably made up of the instrumentalists,) 24 minutes (2018.) Texts selected from the nature poetry of Emily Dickinson.


Phantom - mezzo-soprano, 1 minutes (2023), text by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

If I Had But Two Little Wings - mezzo-soprano, 3 minutes (2021), text by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Large Scale Works

Eight Songs for a Drag King - chamber opera, pierrot ensemble (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano) and soprano vocalist, 28 minutes (2023)

Monkfish - SATB choir with divisi and soprano solo, 10 minutes (2023). Commissioned by C4: the Choral Composer Conductor Collective.

Masque of the Red Death - radio play (two pianos, flute, jazz trio, and synthesizer,) 10 minutes (2020.) Script and voices by Alexa Letourneau, Xinrui Huang, Jacob Patrone, and Jingwei Zhang. Foley by Alexa Letourneau and Jacob Patrone.

The Ticking Stops - opera, eight singers (two sopranos, three mezzos OR two mezzos and one countertenor, one contralto, one tenor, and one baritone) with chamber orchestra, in progress. Libretto by Johnny Whitfield.

Requiem - large choir, 45 minutes (Introit and Sanctus: 2019, Kyrie: 2020, Dies Irae: 2022; four movements in progress.) Texts taken from the requiem mass and the poetry of Johnny Whitfield. Written in memory of John Letourneau.

Echoes - choir or vocal octet, 4 minutes (2018), text by Johnny Whitfield.